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Expert Housing Disrepair Team

We are expert housing disrepair teams helping council, local authorities, and housing associations tenants in their housing disrepair claims. Our expertise lies in assisting tenants who are facing substandard living conditions due to landlord negligence.

We guide tenants through the legal process, meticulously assessing the disrepair issues such as dampness, mold, faulty wiring, and structural damage. With a deep understanding of tenant rights and housing laws, we aim to secure rightful compensation for our clients.

Call us at +443300011316 for free advice or to check your claim eligibility fill out the form. Our housing disrepair solicitors team is always available to assist you with your compensation claim.

How Our Housing Disrepair Team Help You

Our housing disrepair team are dedicated to assisting you through every step of your housing disrepair claim. With a wealth of expertise in tenant rights and property laws, we meticulously evaluate your case, examining issues like damp, leaks, heating, and structural defects. We then advocate on your behalf, negotiating with landlords and their representatives.

Our housing disrepair team, goal is to ensure your living conditions are improved and that you receive rightful compensation for any inconvenience faced. We handle the legal complexities, allowing you to focus on your well-being while we work towards holding negligent landlords accountable. Your comfort and housing rights are our priority.

What Can You Claim For?

Damp & Mould
Water Leaks
Pest Infestation
Structural Damages
Broken Heating Systems
Electric Issues

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Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Get a Free Consultation?
To get a free consultation, you need to fill out the form on our website.
Fill out the form and consult one of our solicitors they will tell you if you are able to claim or not.
You may get 50% to 70% compensation of your house rent, in case of winning the compensation claim case.
Yes, it is safe to make a housing disrepair claim against your landlord. It’s your legal right to make a compensation claim against the landlord if the landlord does not repair the issues on time.